future proof web design

Need a graphic design for your website?

We specialize in designing great website layouts. You can order a service of simply designing the layout or the full implementation of the website (including the creation of a website layout, coding and implementation, e.g. under WordPress CMS).

What is a website layout?

In order to create a website it is necessary to design its skeleton, which consists of the layout of elements, type of fonts, headers, colors. In case of WordPress CMS, the website layout is later implemented and creates the so-called “Themes”.

Webdesigner, while designing a website layout, pays attention to, among other things:

    – the website design should take into account different screen resolutions, on which the user will browse the website, therefore we also design “responsive” views, i.e. we prepare a different look for desktop devices and a different look for tablets and phones.
    – colouring (preferably consistent with the visual identification of the company and reflects the nature of the industry and the target group).
    – headings
    – typography (selection of appropriate fonts)
    – Graphics and images (high quality)
    – appropriate spatial planning
    – web usability

Designing a website layout from scratch (and not using ready-made motifs) will make your website have an individual character. The layout and graphic elements designed according to your preferences will distinguish your business from others.

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